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Practice. Play. Learn. Indoor golf with two world class simulators and lots of space for friends and family.

The best simulation technology in the world. Period.

We use GCQuads from Foresight Sport in both simulators. They precisely measure performance characteristics where it matters most – in the critical moments before, during and after ball impact. By precisely analysing the characteristics of performance at this moment, the GCQuad can deliver exacting detail of both ball and club performance that are not biased by external factors such as wind, air temperature or humidity. The resulting data is purely performance based – and this is the data you want when it comes to training, fitting or simply having fun.

GCQuad measures:

  • Ball Data: Ball speed | Launch angle | Side angle | Spin | Side spin | Carry distance
  • Club Data: Club head speed | Efficiency | Angle of attack | Club path | Face angle | Loft & lie at impact | Impact location | Closure rate

We have over two hundred golf courses to play, so you are sure to find a course that exceeds your expectations. Come alone, bring a friend, or come as a group.

Practice. Play. Have Fun.

The Team


Sebby – available for instruction, coaching and custom fitting.

I am here to look after you! If you want to learn, play or practice, I’ve got you covered. Lessons are available throughout the week and sometimes on weekends all year round. Simulator play is available all week long, late into the evening, as well as on weekends.

Contact Sebby on +41764428189 or via email.

Our Story

Established in Rheinfelden in 2021

“It’s been a long time coming!” says Sebby, owner of The Golf Lounge. It started back in January 2012. Sebby was teaching outside and the temperature dropped to -11 celcius. Having been forced into canceling lessons because of the weather, the concept of an indoor facility was coined.

Sebby bounced around various facilities for a number of years to establish what a great facility needed. It needed world leading teachnology to be consistent with what happens on the golf course. It had to have no reliance on weather or daylight and enough space for people to meet and play. The result is what is now The Golf Lounge.

The Golf Lounge boasts the best launch monitor technology in the world in the form of Foresight Sports award-winning GC Quad. Stunning realism from FSX Play and GSPro makes it seem like you are playing or practicing outside. The weather is always perfect, in summer and in winter. Two generous simulator boxes allow for up to eight people to play together. A generous lounge offers a place to sit and talk, watch TV and have a drink either before, during or after your round. Whether you’re a pro, avid golfer, beginner or trying golf for the first time; this is the place to be.

And we’re excited to have you!

- Luca Corpina -

Ein Ort zum Trainieren und zum Zusammenkommen. The Golf Lounge ist der perfekte Ort, um alleine oder mit Gleichgesinnten zu trainieren und zu Plaudern.


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Quellenstrasse 37 (1st floor)
4310 Rheinfelden


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+41 76 442 81 89


Open Hours


Monday – Friday: 9am – 10pm

Saturday: 9am – 8pm

Sunday 9am – 5pm

Times are variable depending on week. Lessons, play and practice by appointment only.